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R&C Fun, Exciting & Affordable Interactive Puzzles for Education. Teaching Resources are available for all grades, across various subject areas. Download my free Shipwreck spot the difference puzzle which can be played in a browser or through Google Classroom, scroll down for details.

Puzzles for Education from R&C Interactive Resources Overview

Are you looking for something that doesn’t involve a ridiculous amount of money, time or energy? Or maybe you just want something different, then look no further. Visit Puzzles For Education from R&C today and take a look at all the affordable INTERACTIVE & Digital teaching resources available.  There is plenty to choose from. There is a variety of activities, starters, games, puzzles, lessons, and quizzes, all at extremely reasonable prices.  All digital resources are supplied in HTML, Digital pdf, Google, and/or Internet Activities. Printable activities and answers are also included where appropriate.

Here are a few examples of how these interactive products can be used in the classroom with your students.

Word Searches:

This is a great starter activity to introduce the technical vocabulary on a particular subject.  There are two formats for the interactive puzzles, one offers a time constraint-free option and the other uses a timed option. The timed option is a good way to promote healthy competition among individuals, pairs and small groups.  Alternatively, the word search can be used with whole groups through an interactive whiteboard; this encourages individual participation and gets students out of their chairs. A paper-based version and answer sheet is also included. Extension activity – look words up using online dictionaries or paper-based. Present findings/examples (pair work).


Use the crossword as a consolidation exercise to check your learners’ understanding of the technical vocabulary identified in the word search. The crossword follows the same format as the word search above. These two digital products are supplied in *HTML format & a printable format. (*Note: puzzles do not work well in Microsoft Edge).

Graded Quizzes & Spot the Difference Puzzles:

Take a look at the video preview below to see the content contained in this bundle of KS2 Science –  Human Skeleton resources. This resource set contains a word search, a crossword, a printable dominoes activity, a matching pairs game, and a graded quiz. A graded quiz is a useful assessment tool to identify gaps in knowledge.

Interactive Games:

Click here to download this free Spot the Difference Puzzle

Image of free Spot the Difference Puzzle Download

Read what others think about this great little game – it’s great fun!

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Don’t forget to check out the free resources before you leave so that you can assess the quality of my products! If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discuss ideas and help you if I can.