How to Join a Link-Up Party

If you are not sure how to join the link-up party, here is a short video which you may find useful, it talks about adding a blog link, but it’s the same principle for a Pinterest pin or a store link. You may also want to click follow so that you are added to notifications when a new one starts. Cheers Karen


What is Padlet? It’s a lot of things, but I used it mostly as a collaborative tool with my students initially to promote group work, to generate and share ideas and to upload work to.

There are many ways Padlet can be used, far too many to write about, so why don’t you take a look for yourself, click this link for more information. You can even add editable Google files on Padlet. There are different pricing plans including a free one.

As I progressed with Padlet in the classroom and saw how other people were using it, I got hooked!. The most interesting thing for me was that I could embed Padlet into my College’s VLE. This made keeping everything in one place a doddle. Complete lessons with accompanying resources was a fantastic way to organise my Level 3 IT Class & students. Everything accessible wether inside or outside of the classroom!

It is so user-friendly and has many great options. I have used it on my blog to share free resources and ideas with other teachers, click here to see it in action.

There is also an extensive help section click image below to visit.

AirTable – Free Cloud Collaboration Service

AirTable is so easy to use and there is a lot of help to get you started including some videos. You can create anything you want to. It’s a cross between a spreadsheet and a database, but it’s so flexible, you can easily build it to suit your particular needs.

I’m using it to create a catalogue of all my products including adding images of my covers & pins created. I am also in the middle of building a base to monitor my Tailwind & Social Media scheduling.

I’ve never been so organised! OK it takes a little work to get it set up, but it’s absolutely fab and even better, it’s free! Watch the introductory video, or take a look at how others are using AirTable to keep organised.

You also get a free workspace to keep your bases neat and tidy. You can collaborate with others too! So many options. If you want more, check out the paid option.

It’s definitely worth a visit to check it out using my referral link. Take a look!


What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform. Teachers can sign up for a free account; it’s definitely worth checking out!

Teachers you will love this easy to use interface to create stunning classroom content to assess students’ knowledge. It’s great not just in the classroom for the students, but can also be used during training sessions for teachers.

Well, at least this is how I used it in my teaching and role as an Information Learning Technologist.

What is Kahoot?

Take a look at this video to see Kahoot in action – just watch the reactions of the students. They’re priceless!

Click here to explore some of the games

Want more than just the basic account? Let’s have a look at some of the classroom plans & features. Click here to take a closer look.

Ways to play Kahoot, from hosting live games to playing in group settings. Using the mobile app single player challenge to using it to assign homework!

Lots of possibilities. Can be used for any subject and age range!

Kahoot is so flexible and can be used time and time again! Here are at least 9 creative ways to use Kahoot. Pay particular attention to number 7. To learn more click here.

If you have knowledge of any great online tools, especially free ones, please let me know, thanks for visiting my blog.


What is Quizlet?

Quizlet a free website for teachers and students where they can create digital flashcards. Quizlet can automatically generate interactive games and other assessment methods from the original flash card content. Quizlet changes it into 7 different assessment methods!

Make one resource and change it into 7 engaging assessment methods – great differentiation

Activities can be accessed from anywhere on computers, smartphones, tablets. You can even get a printed version. Content can also be embedded into a VLE, thereby giving the learner autonomy on their preferred method of assessment.

Get a teacher account with even more tools. Visit the Website: more information.

Quizlet is great for differentiation – all 7 methods of assessment offer a unique experience.  Again, individual, pair, small group and whole groups can be accommodated.  

The matching game has a timer and encourages healthy competition between groups, although it can become rather manic sometimes as students want to better their own score and those of their peers.

Being able to embed into a VLE is great as this allows individual students to interact in or outside of class. 

The teacher subscription also allows you to create a classroom environment so that activities can happen simultaneously within the classroom. It also gives you the opportunity to view the analytics.

Click on the link below to play one of the examples. You can also change the study mode, click on the dropdown menu to check them out. Enjoy!

Triptico Plus

Embedding Technology in the Classroom

Embedding Technology in your classrooms, using individual computers, an interactive whiteboard, iPads or mobile phones.

There are some great online assessment tools out there. OK, they take a little bit of effort on your part, but they can be extremely effective. Here are just a couple of examples for you to take a look at. I have used both of these and they have worked really well in classes.

Triptico Plus

What is Triptico?

‘Triptico is a collection of interactive resources which enable imaginative educators to create engaging learning in their classroom or workplace.

Creating, saving, adapting and sharing interactive learning content is easy with Triptico.’


An individual yearly subscription costs UK £20, USA $27.00, EURO €21, AUD $30.00 (please note that prices may have changed, check before purchasing).

Technology in Use

Triptico is great for collaborating with other tutors teaching similar subjects as you can share and use what you make with your peers.  It provides you with the tools to make professional looking content quickly!

I’ve used this technology mostly on an interactive whiteboard so that I can get my students out of their seats and up participating. They love clicking on the whiteboard or being in charge of controlling it.  This tool also helps to generate competition, so its’ great for pair work, small groups etc. 

There are just so many tools to choose from – check out the website for full details.

One of the many tools to create an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Teachers Resources Blog

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Teachers’ are hard pressed for time. This site aims to curate resources that are proven to work in the classroom. This will reduce workload and let teachers spend more time on the things that really matter: the pupils. Resources on the site are a combination of free and paid resources. They are all created or submitted by qualified teachers.


Check this out – it’s really cool. Great imaging tool for all your social needs. Over 2,000,000 royalty-free images, over 1,000,000 royalty-free icons, over 500 ready-to-use templates & over 100,00 quotes. Plus so much more! 

I’ve had a lot of questions about Stencil, so I thought I would provide a quick video overview of some of the basics.


Interested in a free account, then click my affiliate link below, thanks.