Teacher Blogs

Links to some interesting educator blogs & great resources.

Chocolate for the Teacher

Some great articles which addresses the issues relevant to today’s teachers. Lots of links to reading resources. You won’t be sorry you checked it out!

Early Childhood Play and Learn

A great blog which shares tidbits about life as a nanny and educator; the author is passionate about Early Childhood Education. You will also find links to some wonderful resources.

Ever Educating

This blog offers teaching tips, tools and resources for anyone new to teaching college-level courses. It also has a free resource library. Check it out.

Integrated Social Studies

A blog about teaching history, social studies curriculum, and discussing the state of education. Lots of links to interesting articles and appropriate teaching resources.

Learning Harbor Teaching Resources

Useful articles and advice for teachers. Check out the Free Resource Library; definitely worth a visit.

LP Does Whole Brain Teaching

This blog is for WBT teachers, like the author – who want to learn from each other and help the community.

My Inclusive Classroom

This blog is to provide teachers with authentic, personalized, and effective professional development. Please visit the site to see more information, advice and services they provide.

Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

This blog is about Creativity and Imagination which are the driving forces in everything the author does. She loves to inspire children and encourages them to use creative thinking tools to solve problems. Some great inspiring articles and useful tips as well as some amazing teaching resources.


This blog has been set up to help teachers in 3 particular areas 1. tips & strategies; 2. health & well being and 3. personal finance. Watch the video for more insight.