Use Padlet in the Classroom

What is Padlet? It’s a lot of things but mostly it is a collaborative tool to use with your students. You can initially use it to promote group work, to generate and share ideas and to upload work to. Padlets can also be embedded on a VLE.

There are many ways Padlet can be used, far too many to write about, so why don’t you take a look for yourself, click this link for more information. You can even add editable Google files on Padlet. There are different pricing plans including a free one. Check them out to find one that suits you.

How I used Padlet in My Teaching

As I progressed with Padlet in the Classroom and I saw how other people were using it, I got hooked! The most important aspect for me was being able to embed Padlet into the College VLE because this made keeping everything in one place a doddle. Complete lessons with accompanying resources was a fantastic way to organise my Level 3 IT class & students. Everything is accessible whether inside or outside of the classroom!

See Padlet in Action

Padlet is so user-friendly and has many great options. Take a look at how I’ve used it in the blog to share free resources and ideas with other teachers, click here to see it in action.

There is also an extensive help section click image below to visit the site. I found this really useful and learned a few new things along the way too! I’m sure you will love using Padelt in the Classroom too!

Padlet help section.

Have you got any ideas for useful tools in the classroom? Please let me know.

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