Pet Hates


(a minor annoyance that a person identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than it may be to others)

I have 2 pet hates which I find so frustrating and to be quite honest, make me quite angry. One of these pet hates is bad manners.

Bad Manners

I mean, is there really any need to be so rude!  It doesn’t cost anything for manners – a simple please and thank you, that’s basically it.  When we were kids, we would get a ‘clip round the earhole’ if we were rude, even from policemen and nobody batted an eyelid.

It didn’t do us any harm and instilled some sense of decency in us. My parents were always drumming it into me to use manners.  My mum used to say ‘if you have manners, you can go anywhere and do anything’.

From my experience in teaching, addressing bad manners was not on the top of most parent’s agenda. I get that parents are under a lot of pressure but come on, please inject some manners into your kids’ everyday lives! Help to make them better human beings.

If we all pull together, who knows, we might even make a difference.

I know that some people reading this might be put out, but remember this is only my opinion and from my experiences as a whole.

Don’t get me wrong there are some wonderful kids out there with great manners, god bless them.

What are your thoughts or experiences?

2 Replies to “Pet Hates”

  1. I would agree about rude behavior. I refuse to do business with a company or store if I am treated rudely by any of their employees. As for kids and parents, I have asked parents point blank if they are the one who taught their child this type of behavior. The times have changed.

    1. Yeah me too, it really winds me up in general – the worst one for me is other drivers, they are so rude, there are no manners on the road these days!

      Parents should take some of the responsibility for ensuring they teach their kids good manners – it will stand them in good sted into their adult life. We can only hope.

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