Puzzles for Education from R&C on Boom

Boom store – check out the R&C Boom decks. I will be adding more decks in the future; my store is very new, but if you are interested, please follow me to keep updated on new decks, sales, and promotions. Don’t forget that you can preview any deck before purchasing it!

Valentine’s Day Frenzy G2-5Valentine’s Day Frenzy is a great deck of engaging activities to encourage critical thinking, improve memory, cognitive function, and problem-solving skills. This fun 40-card deck is full of entertaining activities and challenging elements that your students will love. There are 3 sections to choose from PLUS a bonus section.

Groundhog Day Fun K-2This is a fun 21-Card Groundhog Day Deck that has lots of engaging activities perfect for kinder, first & second graders. Contains some challenging elements. *These are particularly good for practicing hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills.

  • Contents:
  • An instruction Slide for the students
  • 3 *drag & drop Spot the Difference Puzzles (5 errors to find in each puzzle)
  • 3 word searches
  • 3 *drag & drop word scrambles
  • 3 counting games
  • 3 *jigsaws puzzles (4 pieces in each puzzle)
  • 3 matching games
  • Build a Groundhog

Take a look at this great Bundle for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Your kids will love the activities, puzzles, and games. Watch the preview here.

Thanksgiving Bundle Image, Boom Learning
Boom Thanksgiving Card Deck Bundle G3-5

Check out this super Mega Bundle of Mini Card Decks on the Boom Learning Website. These are great for early finishers, warm-ups, and enrichment. This bundle consists of 24 mini decks of fun and engaging activities. Self-grading, no prep. These mini decks may also be purchased in singles, or smaller bundles. See in-store for details. Play a preview to see one of these decks in action.

Image link to Mega Bundle for Animal Mini Decks
Boom Mini-Decks for Warm-ups, Enrichment, Fast or Early Finishers