AirTable – Free Cloud Collaboration Service

AirTable is so easy to use and there is a lot of help to get you started including some videos. You can create anything you want to. It’s a cross between a spreadsheet and a database, but it’s so flexible, you can easily build it to suit your particular needs.

I’m using it to create a catalogue of all my products including adding images of my covers & pins created. I am also in the middle of building a base to monitor my Tailwind & Social Media scheduling.

I’ve never been so organised! OK it takes a little work to get it set up, but it’s absolutely fab and even better, it’s free! Watch the introductory video, or take a look at how others are using AirTable to keep organised.

You also get a free workspace to keep your bases neat and tidy. You can collaborate with others too! So many options. If you want more, check out the paid option.

It’s definitely worth a visit to check it out using my referral link. Take a look!