Teacher Blogs, Tips & Advice

Here you will find some varied and interesting teacher blogs, tips & advice. There are also some great resources available from these bloggers.

By the way, before you leave the site, be sure to check out these free activities and resources. These ideas and resources have been donated by some amazing teachers. The resources cover various grades across a wide range of subjects.

Chocolate for the Teacher

Some great articles from this blogger, which address the issues relevant to today’s teachers. There are lots of links to reading resources too. You won’t be sorry you checked it out!

Early Childhood Play and Learn

This is a great teacher blog that shares tidbits about life as a nanny and educator. It is obvious from reading the blog, that the author is passionate about Early Childhood Education. You will also find useful links to some wonderful resources created by this author.

Ever Educating

The author of this blog offers teaching tips, tools, and resources especially to those new to teaching college-level courses. There is also has a free resource library which is worth signing up for.

Integrated Social Studies

A blog about teaching history in the social studies curriculum. The author also discusses the state of education, generally a topic most of us are interested in. There are lots of links to interesting articles and appropriate teaching resources which cover a wide range of subjects.

Learning Harbor Teaching Resources

Here you will find so very useful articles and advice for teachers. He also has a great range of interactive and Google Classroom Resources! Check out the Free Resource Library too; this is definitely worth a visit.


LittleStreams like to think differently, from the products they make, to their design values and the impact they have on the environment. This blog is definitely worth visiting, it is packed full of great articles, ideas, and useful tips. Check out the great resources on offer too! 25% discount on your first purchase. Don’t forget to visit the freebies page before you leave!

LP Does Whole Brain Teaching

This blog is aimed at making teachers’ lives easier. It is filled with lots of strategies and useful tips that the author shares from her own experiences as a teacher.


This author is an Italian math teacher and she has been teaching math since 2002. She has a passion for technology and has been using digital learning long before this period of forced distance learning. In 2012 she started working (and still does) in an IB school. She believes that as teachers we need to provide not only education for the students but have to try to create caring people and, long life-learners. Specifically, she believes that education in mathematics is that of injecting into the students a true passion for what is considered to be a universal language, a scientific technique, but also to make them appreciate it for what it is! Check out her blog, there are some great articles with links to some great resources.

My Inclusive Classroom

This blog provides teachers with authentic, personalized, and effective professional development. Please visit the site to see more advice and information about the services they provide.

Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

This blog is about sparking Creativity and Imagination in children. This is the driving force in everything the author does. She loves to inspire children and encourages them to use creative thinking tools to solve problems. You will find some great inspiring articles and useful tips. In addition to this, she makes some amazing teaching resources for the classroom.


In brief, this blog has been set up to help teachers in their everyday teaching experience and beyond. From discussing issues about wellbeing to how to use technology in the classroom. He also provides useful tips & strategies for classroom management. In addition to all this, the learning theories are also discussed, with suggestions on how to embed them into your teaching. Watch this video for more insight into the advice and information contained within his great blog.

Teacher’s Toolkit

This blog provides teachers with the following help & advice:

  • Organizational tips to help your classroom run smoothly
  • Ideas for making learning engaging, visual and concrete for your students
  • Intervention strategies that are tried and tested
  • Literacy resources that focus on language, fluency, phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary skills